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About Export Credit Guarantees for Financial Institutions

An export credit guarantee enables exporters to secure themselves against the insolvency of a foreign buyer or long-term nonpayment when selling goods or providing services with a deferred payment.

  • An export credit guarantee covers commercial (buyer’s risks), as well as political risks.

  • An export credit guarantee provides up to 90% risk coverage concerning commercial risk and up to 95% risk coverage concerning political risk, of the total sum of an export transaction.

  • The maximum period of a deferred payment of a transaction covered with export credit guarantee can be up to 730 days (2 years).

  • The maximum amount of an export credit guarantee or the maximum amount of ALTUM obligations for losses that have incurred due to non payment by one foreign customer is EUR 2 million.

  • An export credit guarantee may cover both the buyer’s risk and the risk of the guarantor of the buyer’s obligations – bank or buyer’s associated company if having certain doubt about the liquidity of the buyer’s obligator.

  • The objective of an export credit guarantee is to cover the risks of export deals or to serve as a collateral for the receipt of financing necessary for export deals, for instance, factoring.