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A loan for the company's energy efficiency

Loans are available for businesses in order to improve energy efficiency of equipment and introduction of renewable energy projects.

By using loan, it is possible to finance lighting, ventilation, drying, heating, cooling, steam manufacturing equipment, electrical motors, pumps, electricity supply equipment, as well as other consumers of energy.

  • Special relevance it holds for companies if energy consumption is a significant position of costs and exceeds EUR 20 thousand annually, for example:

    • for supermarkets and sports centres, warehouses, hotels, office buildings
    • for food producers, woodworking and metalworking companies
    • for large companies and large energy consumers affected by the Energy Efficiency Law, learn more

    By investing in energy efficiency measures, the companies can reduce their energy consumption up to 50%.

    We truly would like for this world to become better, and that instead of old equipment the companies would use new and advanced technologies, as well as alternative energy sources: sun, wind and bioenergy; thus one would not only save money, but would also be environment-friendly, would reduce CO2 emissions and ensure sustainability and compliance of global thinking.

  • Financial solution:

  • loan up to EUR 2 850 000 EUR

  • we finance up to 85% of the total project amount

  • term up to < 5 – 14 years

  • savings on project costs should cover at least the loan payment

  • cash flow is important; therefore, additional collateral is not compulsory